How to Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube for free

Getting more and more subscribers on YouTube is something every aspiring YouTuber wants. Few experiments, few just take a leap of faith, and few are just lost; and it’s completely okay to be lost. This article intends to let its readers know about all the tips here are about how to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube for free. Reaching such a big number must seem impossible. But it is possible, with just the right steps and dedication as it is the most important milestone for the channel.


Getting your first 100 subscribers on YouTube quickly might also not be so easy a task. It is because of one prevalent reason – YouTube does not appreciate new YouTube channels. It means YouTube does not rank your YouTube channel until you have a certain number of subscribers – 1000 subscribers. The fundamental thing to keep in mind when you are a YouTuber is to think from the point of your subscribers. Why would they subscribe? Considering that, you can focus your content on your channel.

So let’s get to it. How to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube in a day?


Remember this – KISS (Keep It Short and Simple)


The generation now wants everything in a jiffy. They want to find all the information, easily available and always to the point. So to get more subscribers, your content needs to be short, simple, crisp and to the point. Beating around the bush will only get your viewers to lose interest midway. And that is how one loses subscribers or views. Hence, it is best if you focus just on your content, convey your point in as little time as possible with full information. So that your viewers and subscribers stay glued to the screen and your content.

Build and maintain a niche 

A niche is something you as a YouTuber need to maintain when making a YouTube channel. That is, being specific about one topic when making videos even though you want to share your knowledge with your audience. Maintaining a niche helps you gain recognition easily and keeps your audience occupied. It also builds a reputation for yourself too as a YouTuber, especially when you are new on YouTube.

Have a balance between expressing and acting 

It is good to hype up your audience by being expressive or excited. But being too expressive also could look fake to your viewers. Hence it is significant for you to define the fine line that lies between being expressive. And being too hyped up which might end up looking fake. You should capture the attention of your viewers; hence it is required to be a bit expressive. Metaphorically speaking, it is most important to show yourself and not pretend in front of the lens as it would only lead to loss of subscribers. It helps you connect with your audience on a mental level.

Easily searchable content 

As mentioned before, your videos must be to the point and simple. The content in the video must be easily researchable by your audience. You can use SEO tools to do that, which would help your audience in finding content easily. Putting in words/links in the video or the descriptions attract the audience and keep them interested as it is very informative. This makes your videos more preferable over other videos that your audience watches. They might end up watching or subscribing to it.

Collaborate with people 

When starting a new YouTube channel, don’t isolate yourself when it comes to making videos. Connect with people, collaborate with other YouTubers and start networking. It is one of the best ways to get famous easily and earn subscribers as soon as possible. Hence it is important to make yourself present at events or collaborations. Or just being friends with fellow YouTubers for that matter. Collaboration videos tend to reverberate among the audience as it is something curious for them. So it leads to more views and subscribers.

Communicate with your audience 

It is most important to keep a connection with your audience, engage with them and make it interactive. You can ask them what they expect from the next video, what your next video should or should not contain, etc. You can do something as simple as hyping your audience up for your upcoming video. And, probably keeping it suspense so that your views and subscribers keep increasing for every video you post. A question and answer session with the audience or anything similar would result in a personal connection with your audience. This would help increase subscribers and views per video.

Select the perfect thumbnail and title 

Selecting the thumbnail and title of your video is as important and crucial as your video itself. A thumbnail should go with the title or should be self-explanatory. It should be innovative enough to create a certain amount of curiosity among your audience so that they immediately get excited to watch your video. Curiosity is what plays the most important role here when it comes to thumbnail and title as it acts as a visual aid for your video. It helps create curiosity and in turn, helps you increase views and subscribers for your channel.

Create a regular schedule and maintain it 

To keep your audience hyped up and waiting for your next video, create a regular schedule when you post your videos and maintain this schedule. You can let your audience know about the schedule at the end of every video so that your audience waits for your next video. Some channels release a new video every alternate day of the week, twice a week, and every single day of the week, so on and so forth. It is up to you how frequent you want to release your videos, but it is important to gain subscribers and views.

These are the important tips you can follow to increase subscribers and get them to 1000 for free. However, remember that these are just tips and not steadfast rules and regulations to get 1000 subscribers. Everyone has their unique way to get famous among people and they have their unique content to share with the world. All it takes is to just leap of faith if you believe in yourself and stay dedicated to your channel and your audience on YouTube to have more subscribers and views.

How many subscribers do you need to get paid on YouTube?

This question has been asked many times by upcoming YouTubers and here is the answer. Every channel now requires 1000 subscribers and require 4000 hours of watch time within 12 months for YouTube to join the Partner Programme on YouTube where YouTubers get paid. Before it was just 10,000 views for one to start to earn on YouTube, but that rule changed to the aforementioned one on January 17th, 2018. It is now much harder to start earning on YouTube, but it is all worth it if you have the content people to desire and love to watch.


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