Website migration can be a hurdle while working with SEO, but, when executed correctly, you can protect your Google organic rankings with a smooth transition. Favorably implementing a website migration can be a complicated process, and many fail to consider the impact it may have on your organic traffic.

If you are making significant changes to your website, then you want to guarantee that the site migration goes smoothly. You could be trading servers, domain names, hosting company or migrating to new content management such as Word press. Whatever your website migration, you still want to transfer your old site SEO to your new site and ensure that the move does not seem to influence your current website rankings and traffic in Google negatively.

I have experience in making website migrations and changes with absolutely 0 loss in search rankings. Regardless of the size of the company and its data, the objective remains the same – minimal to zero loss in search rankings.


The Planning Stage

If SEO is not taken into account in this stage of your site migration, then you may find yourself suffering a critical surprise when the change happens.  I’ve worked as a systems administrator and developer earlier, and I have a clear understanding of the websites as well. If the migration is not planned well, then it could cost you your existing website traffic, losing your sales and revenue.

This begins at the earliest phase of the SEO migration process on the website. We work together to define and outline what migration intentions are and develop a plan for achieving them. Then we will review the site and determine what is going to change and update.

The last part of the pre-migration stage is to evaluate the site to determine how it is performing so we can use this as a benchmark standard to check against when the migration is complete.

I will also assist you with post-migration services and will be there to help you when any technical issues arise. Once your site has been switched over, ‘I’ll conduct some professional checks to make sure that there is no indexing or crawl errors. ‘I’ll then carefully monitor your organic traffic and Google position to ensure that there are no drops in performance. If any issues do occur, I’ll work out a plan to address them immediately.