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#1 SEO consultant and SEO expert in Delhi

         I'm a strongly driven and motivated SEO consultant with almost 5 years of successful experience.
Let me assist you to promote your business online.
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Why choose me as your SEO Consultant in Delhi?

  • I’m extremely focused on driving well-qualified leads with excellent conversion rates for your site
  • I also have a positive track record of delivering good results across competitive industries
  • I am sincere, hard-working and driven by goals and concentrate well on my clients' requirements
  • I offer a complete range of SEO services along with on-site and off-site search engine optimization
  • As an SEO consultant, my rates are cost effective & feasible
  • I have successfully helped a wide range of businesses in their promotion with a variety of budgets

SEO Consultant in Delhi - Services

I offer the following services for search engine optimization, all customized to your company requirements:
  • Understand your business
  • Health checks and audits
  • Research and planning
  • Optimisation and Execution
  • Technical analysis
  • On-page analysis
  • Off-page analysis
  • Competitive research
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Content Production
  • Content Placements
  • Digital PR
  • High domain authority sites
  • Quality backlinks
  • Contextual and do-follow
  • Natural placement
  • Identify opportunities
  • Link research
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Rank tracking
  • Google My Business
  • Local Citations
  • Local link building
  • Local Digital PR
  • Migration planning
  • Support during process
  • Post migration checks
  • No effect to SEO rankings
  • Fix drops in ranking
  • Address technical issues
  • Link disavows
  • Reconsideration requests

Book my SEO expertise in Delhi

If you would like to have a free SEO briefing to discuss your SEO needs and requirements, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.
When I receive your information and project details, I will contact you and schedule a session for us to speak through your proposal - even if you are just looking for some SEO tips and suggestions

Client Feedback

One of the best things that keeps me motivated is my loyal customers and the feedback I receive from them. Here is a glimpse of a few Google 5-star reviews I have received:
I'm so pleased that we got Mayank to work for us. We're on Google's page 1 for almost all of our key terms and often appear on the top half.
Lily Wilson
Marketing Manager
Thanks to Mayank. Excellent SEO done. My site ranking has improved immensely. This is Highly recommended!
Blaise Farnell
Since Mayank took over our SEO strategy, our business has seen tremendous growth. Fantastic person to work with.
Lily Peters
Busines Owner

The Benefits of SEO

I am enthusiastic about Search Engine Optimization and strongly think that its most accessible and cost-effective type of internet and online marketing channel. If done properly, it will boost both the value and amount of traffic on your website. It offers the following benefits:
Fast, User Friendly Websites
There’s no doubt that the user experience is now an important variable and factor in the ranking. The integration of SEO into your website helps to produce quick, strong and user-friendly websites that rank greater in search engines. This, in turn, contributes to your website being skilled and boosts conversions in return.
Increase in Highly Qualified Traffic
If you rank on the top of popular search engines like Google, can result in highly increased traffic for your website. The top positions on search engines receive the majority of clicks.
SEO has Lasting Benefits
SEO is an investment. It takes time, awareness and effort to master upfront. Get it right though and the effects can extend far into the future. Rank well and you’ll be earning a steady flow of traffic, and potentially leads, for months and years to come.
Increased Credibility and Trust
High ranking in the search outcomes indicates to searchers that you are the main player in your sector of business. On the other hand, searchers also think the further down you are in the outcomes of the natural search, the less confident and successful you are.
Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition
It is quite interesting to know that SEO is far less expensive than personally advertising to customers. The only costs you’ll ever acquire is that of an SEO consultant. As long as you have prior experience in website coding and Google algorithms you will require an SEO specialist to grow your rankings.
Level Playing Field
SEO helps small business to expand its opportunities and grow as compared to its competitors.If you employ a bit of creativity and craft to your ongoing business, it can give you an advantage over your competitors even if they have larger budgets.
Remember: SEO is not a cost, but an investment.

My approach to Search Engine Optimisation

Naturally, my approach to SEO varies from client to client.
Some clients prioritise promoting themselves locally whereas others have a broader international market, targeting multiple languages.
Some sites are information sites, whereas some sites require an eCommerce SEO expert.
Whatever your SEO consultancy requirements, the following workflow is typical:
Understand Your Objectives
For any SEO advisor and consultant, the first and most essential element is to comprehend your company goals. What do you want the association to accomplish? We also agree on scope, timescales, assets, and distribution during these consulting sessions.
Perform a Technical SEO Audit
The next phase is to determine how effectively your page can be crawled by Google and the other search engines. Any problems detected during this phase will then be fixed to best practices on your site.
Evaluate Your Competitors
After the technical audit is performed, I will analyse and assess your competitors’ websites and the SEO techniques that they use. This will provide me with an evaluation of your competitors SEO strategies to determine what we need to do to overtake them and stay ahead of their game in the market.
Discover Relevant Keywords
Next, I will look for profitable keywords that searchers for products or services in your niche use. I'll identify both high volume keywords/phrases and less popular long tail keywords which will help form the basis of your content strategy.
Develop Unique Content
After we've identified your target keywords, we'll work together to create unique, relevant, long-form content which will attract converting customers. As part of this process, any pre-existing content will be optimized extensively and worked upon.
Build Contextual Backlinks
As the technical work is ongoing and new content is being created, I'll also start outreach and a process of link building. This is a massively important ranking factor and building up a respectable, powerful portfolio of relevant links is what I do best.
Ongoing Tracking and Refinements
As your site rises up through the search engine rankings, I'll track performance and report to you accordingly. I'll also continue competitive analysis as well as refining and improving your backlink profile to ensure your continued success.
I can guarantee that this process works and has been continuously improved upon over many years as an SEO Consultant in Delhi.

When done correctly, the benefits of SEO will be long lasting

Results Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Using my SEO service, the use of search engine marketing based on your personal requirements and objectives will keep your company growing.
This implies that you will appear on Google (and other search engines) on page 1 and that you will set up your company as an agency within your niche in a way that is consistent with the recent best practices. My service also comes with a guarantee. If there is no ranking or traffic enhancement in the third month, I will refund your money.
You can withdraw the service at any moment as well. I am pleased to offer this guaranteed SEO service, as I am sure you will be pleased with my services.

Work With Me

Ranking well in Googles search results can bring a huge amount of new business for you.
Finding the right SEO specialist to help you achieve this is an important step forward.
If you want a consultant that has good technical SEO knowledge, follows Google guidelines, is effective and ethical then please get in touch.
I look forward to hearing from you.
mayank arora social mayank
Mayank Arora
#1 SEO consultant and SEO expert in Delhi
SEO Consultant

I'm Mayank Arora, an SEO Consultant and Expert providing Search Engine Optimization services to individuals and businesses across New Delhi and India

SEO Expert in Delhi
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