An in-depth analysis of competitors is incredibly important and essential for any approach to optimize the search engine. Knowledge of your competitors and how they are placed in the market provides us with a much stronger understanding of what our strategy to maximize your site should be. Competitive analysis helps to expose things like traffic sources, web content and the approaches of the competitors that we can target.

An effective SEO strategy can help us carry out competitor research which can, in turn, help what tactics are working for your company and in which extent should we optimize your keyword rankings. Equipped with this opinion, we can move forward to shape and prioritize your SEO strategy accordingly. Our approach can then be determined, including aspects such as how long it will take and what tools and resources need to be utilized to outperform them.


My approach to carry out a competitor analysis

Through my client’s lens, I attempt to approach competitive analysis. You want your rivals to rank higher. To do this, we need to determine who your primary opponents are, what keywords do they aim to rank for, and then define a content marketing strategy and connection construction strategy to overtake them in the Google rankings.


Identifying a competitor

A competitor refers to any entity or rival who pursues the same objective and has the same goal as you have. They usually work in the same organization or deal with similar products and services. You can quickly identify your competitors by carrying out in-depth research and can start analyzing their content, traffic to their website, their backlinks and the keywords that they focus on.

There’s also a good possibility that they use the same keywords but are most likely to outrank you as well. So, by reviewing their ranking keywords and identifying high authority backlinks to their sites, we can put together a fantastic SEO strategy for success.


Analyzing keywords

A keyword analysis is a method of analyzing the keywords or search phrases that draw visitors to your website through organic and paid searches. Keyword analyses are the starting point and foundation of search marketing campaigns. We can work together, and I can help you to understand how to organize new content on your site to rank and build backlinks in the process.



They are also known as incoming links or inbound links. They are created when one website links to another site. They are valuable for SEO because they represent a connection from one side to another. A page with multiple backlinks serves to rank higher on a bulk of search engines.


Work with me

When you work with me, I will be able to carry out a competitor analysis as you don’t want to lose a prospective client only because you rank lower on the search engines page.