At certain times, website owners come across various issues relating to their website. For instance, they will notice a significant drop off in sites, fewer rankings for keywords, or completely falling out of the Google index.

As an SEO consultant who has experience in this field, I can help you recover from this issue. Google has a dynamic algorithm that continually keeps changing. If your rankings have started to take a dip or have plummeted then act now. These penalties can make or break a business.

That’s why I provide my clients with fast-acting, responsive service.

The Google penalty comes in 2 forms:

Partial matches which affect only specific portions of your site. And site-wide events that affect your entire website.


How do you remove a Google Penalty?

My approach to removing Google penalties is completed in three simple steps:

First, I perform an in-depth content audit, using in considerations such as keyword density, cloaking, duplicate content and over-optimization of both on-page content and factors such as page titles and headers.

Next, I take a look at your backlink profile and classify any links that are negatively altering your ranking. These are stopped down by either contacting the site owners or denying the links altogether.

If needed, I will work with you to submit a reconsideration request to Google to get your site redeemed. This is required only if you have received a manual penalty which is unique (most penalties are algorithmic ones).

Nobody desires a Google penalty. The outcomes of obtaining a standard action can be overwhelming as we face lost organic search visibility, traffic, and revenue.

If you’re doubtful as to whether your site has a penalty and of what type or would like to know if it is at risk because of its link profile, then don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free consultation related to Google Penalty removal with me.