It is really important to have a basic understanding of the task at hand. Therefore before we learn the steps on how to build an email list from scratch, it becomes necessary to gain certain knowledge as to what exactly an email list is? To define Email listing, we can say that email listing is a method — a technique through which we, as individuals, can send out advertisements. Now the form of the advertisement is significant to that you require to keep in mind. The commercial is in the form of electronic mails to various and “n” number of people. So basically, it is like a broadcast message that you type once and forward to all your friends and groups on “Whatsapp”. Doesn’t it seem easy now?

Why an email list is required?

For a better understanding of our concept, let us make it even more simple. Moving forward towards its simplification, suppose. It is your 19th birthday. And your parents are out of town. Like every other teenager, you would want to throw a huge house party. In a situation like this where one wants to be quick and save their time. What would we rather do? Are we going to waste our time by typing out invitations to all our friends individually? Or would we rather start preparing for the upcoming party? Not a difficult choice. That is right! Anyone would want to prepare for the party. So, what we do is type a common message. And broadcast it to all our friends. Instead of separately typing out the invitation to each one individually. This kind of broadcasting list is known as an email list.

Know all the steps to list building!

Now, since we know what an email list means, let us focus on how to build an email list from scratch. Also on the way, we will get to know how to build the email list for free. There are various questions. That comes to our mind once we begin our journey of building an email list. Like, the very first question is how to create an email list? The others that follow are how to build an email list without a website, how to build an email list fast, how to build an email list for free, etc. Now I can assure you that building an email list from scratch is not as tough as building an empire. Even though you are using it to build “your empire”.

There are various ways of building an email list. Some of them are free, and some of them are not free. There is no provision. That tells us not to pay a person for their hard work. Why should someone’s hard work go unpaid? But like every other human, you wouldn’t want to look at the paid version of building an email list. Because if you can get it done for free, why pay?”. Either of the thought is not entirely wrong. For if think from a students point of view or someone with a low source of income. We all want to save some penny. Whenever, wherever possible to do so.

This method can help us learn how to build a massive email list in a small period. Being able to create massive email lists within a limited period of given time is a huge advantage. Similarly, building an email list for free is simple. It only requires us to be a bit creative in our way of doing things, here building the email list. In the way, you put out things to your viewers. The consumer must find the things put in front interesting enough to hold their attention. A creator is only successful when the customer is happy. As we always say Knowledge is power. Knowing the audience is all we need to be good at to excel. For remaining, everything will be taken care of eventually.

Where to start off?

Firstly, you need to have a clear idea about your target audience, as in the type of people you are targeting. Like you know, unless you are an “AXE BOAT PARTY AD” or “PATANJALI AD” you have no audience. All I am saying is that you need to keep in mind the attention span of the audience you are targeting. Focusing on minute details helps in the long run. Therefore do everything that it takes to attract the target consumer’s attention. Once you have figured that out, the next step becomes easy. It would be to come up with the tag line that represents you and the idea of you. To come up with the perfect tagline is one of the most important tasks. As it is the first thing a person notices about the product. For instance, the tagline of Nike is at or tongue tips “Just Do It”.

Now, find the most appropriate tag lines. The question is, what should our tagline comprise of to begin? The tagline should be something that represents the motto of the company though finding a tagline can be a very difficult task. You either get them entirely right, or you get them entirely wrong. There is no in-between. It is a pretty common occurrence and relatable to all. EXACTLY, see all of us know what it is and how it makes us suffer.  Starting to wonder what I mean is true. By “if that is where we are used to being”. And came up with various interpretations of our own? There is no point mulling over indecisiveness. Now is the right time to listen to your heart to make the right decision.

So, my point is the wrong tag line can end up giving a different idea to the audience. An idea entirely different from the intended tagline’s meaning Now after you have come up with the tag line. Something that you feel is appropriate enough, and relatable to the thoughts. Then we move onto creating a template. Creating a template is one of the most important parts. Because you do not want your page looking all blank like a “trigonometry answer sheet” or you don’t want it looking too colourful like a painting made by “Ishaan Awasthi from Taare Zameen Par”. A template depicts the professional side of the company. People easily judge the page based on the template. The judgement takes place even before the consumer goes through the content on the page.

You want it to be just pleasing to the eyes so that the viewer would want to read your content. After all this, you could post this on your social media handle asking people/friends to subscribe. This method is one of the ways of building an email list from scratch free of cost and without any help from a website. Other ways of building an email list from scratch would be, by hosting an event.

Suppose the same 19th birthday party, for instance, the possibility of being high that you meet many new people because where else would you find socially active people if not at a party? All you need to do is, go up to people introduce yourself and while you make conversation with them you chip in your ideas. While you do that there is a high possibility you could come back with an “EMAIL” if not a “phone number” ironically, you will gain something.

Another great idea we can take from sites like Netflix, for instance, where the user is forced to subscribe to view the content they have to offer. We are having them provide you with their email which again will help you build an email list. This idea can get a bit annoying depending on the kind of content you have to offer, so your content better is good!. Putting up Sign-up sheets is never a bad idea. You could always get generous strangers who are always willing to spare a minute and have a look at what you have to offer again leaving you with a high probability of getting emails. These methods help you build your email free of cost.

How to build an email list from scratch?

Do you want to know about list building? How to create a lists building? Well, you could give away something for free. By something, I don’t mean knowledge! Not everyone is a fan of free knowledge. Something free could be anything that the person would be pleased and happy with receiving. Giving away something in return for emails is not a very economical idea but could always help you build your list in a very short time with a minimum amount of effort.

Everyone is a fan of free stuff; age is just a number when it comes to getting free stuff. Asking to subscribe or asking for email ids in return for free stuff is always going to work. This method is another effective way to build an email list from scratch. If you feel it is difficult to build your empire, you could always hire people to do so for you. But you must know that everything comes with a price to pay. Various websites would help you build your email list and publish your content at the same time. You can say, this is the paid version of “how to build an email list from scratch”.



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