How to do keyword research in SEO?


Nowadays, keyword research is the latest and best technical trend. If you want to rank your website on the search engine. Also, to get more visitors to your website this is the method. Let’s first start with, what keyword research means? What is the actual meaning of keyword research?

Consequently, we will see how to do keyword research for SEO. Then we will find some best keywords to rank our blog post on the search engine. In the process will also learn about the SEO keyword research tool, and give keyword research tips.

What is keyword research

How to do keyword research in SEO1

We will try to explain keyword research in simple terms. Understand it as they search for such keywords that the user enters.  While they are searching for any subject or anything on the search engine. It is a search engine optimisation technique. A method professional bloggers and marketers use for better ranking on the search engine. Keywords are the specific terms that a user enters while searching; now, the search engines look into the websites for those target words. And the websites that can provide the same words that the user is looking forget on the top of the list. That the search engine gives at the end of any search.

Keyword research is a mechanism. That determines and analyses the terms and keywords the user enters worldwide. It is a process of defining or researching the terms and keywords that people search on the search engine. So that your content can display on the search engine response page, it is an on-page search engine optimisation technique. After learning about the keyword research, let us know how to do keyword research in 2019.

How to do keyword research 2019

There are several methods available to improve your keyword research technique. Selecting the best from the lot many options in front of us can be tricky. However, there is always a way out of a difficult situation. Remembering this tip we need to follow only optimised and effective ways to search for the best keywords. A little work into action and collect the most searched keywords. Looking for the keywords that are in use often gives you the best keywords. So those keywords can rank our content and website on the search engine result page. Not only do the keywords help in increasing traffic to our website. But on the addition of proper keywords to our post results in increasing the domain authority. And along the authenticity comes more popularity. The result is what we wish for in the end!

How to do keyword research in SEO2

Here, we will discuss some methods for good keyword researches. So that you can rank on the search engine well

1. Brainstorming:

It is the most important and the very first step of keyword research. You need to decide and find out the important topics for your search. A process that entails anything, we can imagine and think about our content. And that can be searched by our target audience. Firstly, you need to list down all those topics. For deciding and thinking about all the suitable topics for the content you need. For this, what you have to do is only to list down all the best-suited topics. And the keywords or terms according to your audience or traffic on your site.

Secondly, the most important thing is to find out the searcher’s or users’ intent. What is the user going to search for on the search engine? What is the demand of the user? Suppose you have a website that gives information about the latest fashion trends. Now let us suppose that nowadays there is the newest trend of colouring hairs in different colours. So you are going to write an article about these colour combinations of hairs. And how these colours best suit your face according to your face colour and original hair colour, etc. So if you give this content heading as best hair colour combination or latest hair colouring methods, etc., moreover, these headings will be much helpful to you for better ranking on the search engine. Instead, you are giving your content name as hair colour or something like that.

2. Already ranked keyword:

Look at what keywords are already ranking on search engine and then find some new keywords related to them or which can make your website rank better than used keyword. Own website is a huge source of research for you, and you can find out many other new keywords by searching into your website.

Lets take the previous example and understand if you are going to write something about hair colouring techniques, and you have already written some articles on that topic before two or three months ago now you want to write a new article with some advancement and moderation, so firstly go to your previous article and look for keywords that make your website rank on search engine previously, try to use some keyword from that article or try to know what new keyword can rank on search engine, think about such keyword which can appear on user searches because this is the only way to get more unique users into your site.

3. Something from competitors:

You may call it cheating, but if you are in the marketing field, so you need to learn things from your competitors. You can search for such keywords which are used by your opponents and if those keywords are providing them better ranking on search engine so you can also use them into your article for increasing your ranking and also enhancing your keyword researching techniques this will help in making you better or to be more precise we can say making you professional in search engine optimization techniques.

4. Use keyword search tools:

It will be a good choice to use keyword research tools for increasing your keyword vocabulary; these tools are very helpful while searching for any best topic according to your audience search intent.

Here is a list of some best SEO keyword research tools, which might help you in deciding best-suited keyword for your content.

  1. Google keyword planner: We don’t need to go looking for the best keywords very far. The search engine provides us with one of the most convenient tools to work with on our projects. Google keyword planner is one of the best and free keyword advisor and planner. This tool does not only come with best-suited keywords for our content but also provides us with a bit of marketing and advertising techniques. While working on the keywords we also get additional information related to enhancing the SEO. Google keyword planner plans many advertising packages for us so that we can apply them in the future or share it with our business team so that we can expand our business. Therefore it hits two marks at the same time.
  2. SEMrush: After the Google keyword planner, the tool that is highly recome4nded is none other than SEMrush. It is one of the most in use and unique keyword research tool. It is often known as the keyword magic tool. The tool works in a way that by searching a single keyword we can get thousands of best keywords. All the keywords are about the search that can rank us on the search engine result page. This tool consists of more than 14.9 billion keywords and now supported in 142 countries. The increasing number of users for SEMrush shows its popularity and dependency.
  3. Ahrefs: Continuing with the list of best keywords, we can not miss Ahrefs.This tool is one of the top keyword research tools. This tool analyses numerous keywords for us. To do so it crawls into trillions of websites every day. And it is then searching keyword which is ranking on search engine and used by most of the professionals and marketers but not by us. And if we use those keywords that will surely make us rank well on the search engine. Therefore what it exactly does is inform us of the keywords that are professionally in use and raises the chance of our website to rank better in the list.
  4. KW Finder: Another name in the list here is KW finder. It is the best and easy peasy keyword finder.  Amongst all the keyword research tools this one is easiest to work with even for a beginner. Therefore all we need to do is, to find what our competitors enter into there domain or enter URL. And then KW finder will show us all the keywords they are ranking for a while searching. The simplicity of its working function attracts users to use it.
  5. Uber-suggest: The last keyword searching tool we will discuss here is Uber-suggest. In uber-suggest keyword suggesting tool, we will get numerous kinds of keyword-based on volume, and competitors. Now if we want keywords according to the seasonal trends, so this is one of the best tools to get the finest keyword for your content. It helps do theme-based research for keywords.

This is all about how to do keyword research for SEO

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