What are classified ads in SEO? Imagine a book without a cover, how would someone possibly want to read that book. No matter if the content of the book may be superb but if the cover is not attractive enough then not many people would willingly want to read that book. The same way advertisement is the most important aspect when it comes to the marketing of that particular product because if you are launching a new product into the market then it is fresh to everyone, as a result, no one will know much about it. If no one knows about your product how you do expect the sale of your product to be flourishing? This is where advertisement plays an important role because they in not so many words describe your product to the customer in an attractive way and thereby making the customer want to use or consume your product.

So, basically what are classified ads in SEO?

It is an online advertisement technique used to promote an individual business you could simply say that where there is online marketing there are online ads. This technique is often proven useful in the promotion of blogs, start-ups, and many other small businesses. If you are an individual with a strong will to start a business of your own, then I suggest that you should use the classified ads technology. Let me tell you something more about classified ads in SEO, they have three parts –

  1. The headline, if you are creating an advertisement you should always keep in mind that this is the most important part of an advertisement. A headline is never more than a line in length, but this one line could determine whether the customer is interested or not. Headlines are always catchy and attractive so that they get the attention of the customer. They need to create some kind of growing curiosity within the mind of the customer. A headline should be creative and in such a way that once the customer reads that he is so curious to know what you have in store to offer that he continues to read. If the headline is boring or unattractive then there are chances that the customer may not even read the entire headline.


  1. Details, once you come up with a catchy and attractive headline, this means that you have now successfully gotten the attention of your customer and you can now begin with the details of your product. Giving details may seem as easy as possible but it is not that easy as it may seem, when it comes to giving details you must make sure and keep in mind that you have worked hard to get the attention of the customer and you must not lose it by getting him bored or offering him your product in the wrong way. Giving the details of your product needs to be short and precise. The customer may not be a keen reader so you must always remember to keep the information you are providing short and sweet which means you need to speak to the point and in such a way that your customer is also convinced to buy your product.


  1. Contact details, this is like the RSVP in the invitation card, you wouldn’t want your customer to get so curios but then when you customer finally decide on buying your product doesn’t know how to do so. That is why it is important to provide your contact details along with the advertisement of your product.

SEO for classified websites

SEO for classified websites is a huge thing as you are required to keep track of a huge number of webpages daily, which could eventually get very confusing and you may end up creating a mess out of things. This biggest problem for a new classified site is that to attract buyer you are required to have great products already listed on your list. But to have great suppliers you are going to need great buys that are already browsing or using your site so that it gives the suppliers a point to note or rather a surety that it is worth investing their time into listing their products on this site. In conclusion, I would say that no one is looking for a classified website but are looking for a list of classified websites. It would be more effective if you promote your website on your social media handle and talk to other bloggers to add your site in his classified list. More than anything your promoting strategy is important.

Classified submission list, is something that is asked under the question “what is classified ads in SEO?”.

The process that is followed here is similar to the process that is followed while submitting a post or a comment on a blog. The main idea here, behind submitting a classified list is that some of the people submit this list for selling goods while some submit this list for finding goods, etc. This is the kind of advertising that helps every user or as you can say customer to advertise their goods, products or whatever they have in store to offer. This is a great medium to advertise the products you have to offer over the internet to various people all over the world.

This could also be beneficial for,

  1. Buying goods
  2. Selling goods
  3. Finding jobs
  4. Searching vehicles, etc.

Free classified ads

Posting a classified ad may sound old school but don’t take for granted the power of a classified ad that again depends if you have or if you have not posted it in the correct place. Not everything that comes free is good and at the same time not everything is charged for has to mean it is the best. Similarly, not all the free ad posting sites are good. As a seller, you would like to be assured that the advertisement is viewed by all the potential buyers that would be interested in the products that you are selling or advertising.

There are few of the sites that could offer you this,

  1. eBay
  2. Olx
  3. Craigslist
  4. Hoobly


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