What is directory submission in SEO?

What is directory submission in SEO?

As to what is directory submission in SEO, we can define directory submission as a process of submitting our website to a specific category of web directory. Directory submission is made importantly to enhance our ranking. Because directory submission helps create more backlinks. Consequently, more backlink is helpful in better ranking. The backlink will surely help in increasing traffic. Subsequently from a search engine into your website. Therefore more traffic will result in an increment to domain authority. And as a result, it will get better page rank on the search engine.

Directory submission is an off-page optimisation technique. Through which you submit your website into some directory. A method that helps, to construct effective backlinks. Moreover, various websites provide your list. To put your web site’s URL, in any specific relevant category.

Meanwhile, some of the directories are free of cost. But some of them charge some fee. They charge you for categorising your website into a specific category.

In other words, or to be more precise, we can conclude that directory submission is nothing more than submitting information. That is about your website into a web directory that can categorise your website based on its characteristics.
For example, you have a website about aerospace or aeronautics. Therefore, you need to submit that website into the science and technology category of a web directory. It will help you do so.

Types of directory submission

There are different kinds of directory submission in SEO. But here, firstly we will discuss nine types of directory submissions. Applicable for the current year directory submission list 2019 is as follows:

Free Directory submission: In free directory submission, you do not need to pay. That means no amount of charge for submission of your directory. But this kind of submission is of no assurance.  No assurance for your link will get accepted by the administrator. And it will also take a lot of time.

Here is a list of some free directory submission sites. We can find these directory submission sites in India. Also, these directory submission sites come with high da.

  1. Facebook Business Pages: DA 95
  2. Rent.com: DA 65
  3. Caring.com: DA 66
  4. Zomato for Businesses: DA 84
  5. SpaFinder.com: DA 63
  6. Orbitz.com: DA 74
  7. Booking.com: DA 94
  8. ZocDoc.com: DA 77
  9. RateMDs.com: DA 63
  10.  DemandForce.com: DA 57
  11.  PissedConsumer.com: DA 76
  12.  BBB Directory: DA 90
  13.  TripAdvisor.in: DA 74
  14.  YP.com: DA 61
  15. Yahoo Small Business: DA 88

Reciprocal directory listing: In this type of directory submission we need to submit our directory at no cost. No prior payment is required to be made in order to get it submitted. But we need to submit a reciprocal or hyperlink of the site to activate our directory link.  When we submit our hyperlink to the directory website, then the administrator will approve your link.

Paid Directory submission: By using the paid directory submission method for your website, it will accept your website’s link within 24 hours. And you will start getting backlinks as fast as possible. The paid directory method is the best way to increase traffic on your website. Some directories also provide this offer for yearly or quarterly.

Automatic directory submission: In this approach of directory submission, various software tools are in use. To submit our website into a directory the site uses different devices. It is an advanced and time-saving process that is comparably better than the other options.

Manual Directory Submission: In this method of directory submission, we must manually add our website into directories. Wherever we want to submit it. It is different from the automated system. The system in which we make use of software and various automated tools.  For submission of the website into a massive number of platforms.

Do follow Directory Submission: Do follow directory submission is nothing but just a simple way to increase traffic on your website. It is a method of following backlinks. An imperative way to get high ranking in search engine result page. Increasing ranking in the search engine page. And getting more traffic on your website is not a task. These things are an opportunity for every blogger to maintain their website.

No follow Directory submission: In this world of competition, no follow may be controversial. And therefore you should not follow it if you want a good rank of your website.

Niche Directory submission: Niche directory submission may explain as submitting your directory that specifically focuses on a subject, area, business. It will be beneficial to list your blog or business into a niche directory because the search engines can observe that your business is relevant to your keyword.

How to make directory submission

There are some very easy steps you can follow. And by following them, you can easily submit your website into any directory. Doing this can improve your search engine ranking:

Step 1: The first step is to select the best directory for the submission of your website. Select a site with higher Domain Authority and Page Authority. Because if you submitted your website into any directory blindly, there could be consequences. Like without checking its domain authority and page authority. It will be a non-beneficiary step, and you cannot get much traffic on your site. So before submitting your website into any directory first make sure that it should help in improving your website’s ranking. And if you are submitting into any paid directory, be more cautious. So first, authenticate that directory and then submit.

Step 2: The second step of directory submission is to choose the category which is best suited for your website. This step includes selecting the best category for your website or blog to which your blog belongs. Directory submission is the most important step to follow. Because your categorisation will affect your ranking. That is to say if your keyword did not match with the category of your website. Then the keyword submitted in the directory of your website may not be recognised by the search engine. As a result, will get your website poor ranking.

Step 3: In the third step, you must select an appropriate sub-category for your blog or business, which is relevant according to your blog. In this step, you must select the appropriate sub-category of your blog according to the category defined, this will result in proper optimisation of keyword and can provide a good ranking.

Step 4: After selecting a category and best-suited sub-category for our blog, we are nearly the completion of the process. Since not much remains for us to do, we submit our website’s URL. Now some directory asks for a brief description of your website and then fill other required entries. Then finally click into the submitting button. Doing this will submit your website into any directory.

By the end of it all, we know what directory submission in SEO is. This information helps us utilise the available facilities. Nowadays, we have numerous available web directories. There are more than 5000 directory submission sites that help to submit and categorise our website for better search engine ranking. Some of them are free, and some pay, you can go for both depending on your choice.

Instant Approval Directory submission sites list 2019

Here we have a list of some instant approval directory sites:

Sr. No Instant approval directory submission sites Domain Authority Approval
1 www.alivelinks.org 40 Instant Approval
2 www.asklink.org 41 Instant Approval
3 www.businessfreedirectory.biz 36 Instant Approval
4 www.411freedirectory.com 48 Instant Approval
5 www.a2place.com 37 Instant Approval
6 www.abstractdirectory.net 48 Instant Approval
7 www.acedirectory.org 45 Instant Approval
8 www.activdirectory.net 42 Instant Approval
9 www.adbritedirectory.com 41 Instant Approval
10 www.addgoodsites.com 43 Instant Approval
11 www.addirectory.org 42 Instant Approval
12 www.ad-links.org 35 Instant Approval
13 www.advancedseodirectory.com 39 Instant Approval
14 www.afunnydir.com 42 Instant Approval
15 www.alive-directory.com 50 Instant Approval
16 www.alivelink.org 37 Instant Approval
17 www.angelsdirectory.com 40 Instant Approval
18 www.apeopledirectory.com 38 Instant Approval
19 www.aquarius-dir.com 41 Instant Approval
20 www.ask-dir.org 36 Instant Approval
21 www.ask-directory.com 40 Instant Approval
22 www.aweblist.org 41 Instant Approval
23 www.backpagedir.com 42 Instant Approval
24 www.bedirectory.com 40 Instant Approval
25 www.beegdirectory.com 38 Instant Approval
26 www.bestbuydir.com 41 Instant Approval
27 www.bestdirectory4you.com 39 Instant Approval
28 www.bing-directory.com 41 Instant Approval
29 www.busybits.com 44 Instant Approval
30 www.businessfreedirectory.com 33 Instant Approval
31 www.classdirectory.org 43 Instant Approval
32 www.clicksordirectory.com 40 Instant Approval
33 www.craigslistdir.org 47 Instant Approval
34 www.craigslistdirectory.net 41 Instant Approval
35 www.directdirectory.org 42 Instant Approval
36 www.directory10.biz 38 Instant Approval
37 www.directory10.org 38 Instant Approval
38 www.directory3.org 43 Instant Approval
39 www.directory4.org 37 Instant Approval
40 www.directory5.org 37 Instant Approval
41 www.directory6.org 38 Instant Approval
42 www.directory8.org 41 Instant Approval
43 www.directory9.biz 39 Instant Approval
44 www.directoryanalytic.com 41 Instant Approval
45 www.directorydirect.net 38 Instant Approval
46 www.domainnamesseo.com 43 Instant Approval
47 www.ebay-dir.com 41 Instant Approval
48 www.ecodir.net 45 Instant Approval
49 www.efdir.com 38 Instant Approval
50 www.exampledir.com 45 Instant Approval



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