What is forum posting in SEO?

What is forum posting in SEO? – Learn through forum posting in SEO tutorials

What is forum posting in SEO?


Forum posts are a very attractive venture. They seem to be the most appropriate method to generate traffic on the site. Therefore this method is getting more and more admired. Not only this it is also a  way of rising the page ranking of a company’s website. Moreover, individual blogs also benefit from posting forums.

Let us answer, what is forum posting in SEO? Forum posting in SEO is the combination of various websites, which participate in the online discussion forum. This website participates in replying to old and new questions, and that is to divert the traffic. Forum posting refers to the way by which we generate quality inbound links. We achieve this by participating in online discussion forums. Forums are online societies. These communities are similar to the ones we have in real life. People with similar interest meet up and talk. Here too the associates have a similar curiosity and enthusiasm. Also, they are willing to propagate their knowledge about the subject matter that interests them. Posting on forums is a fantastic way of helping each other decipher problems.

Aspects of Forum Posting

It is impossible to ignore the awesome aspects of forum posting. The features that come with forum posting in SEO offers many pros. Users comment gives information and assists solve numerous issues quickly. Questions asked by others are often helpful to someone with the same issue. Also when we are referring, to the website of a company or our blog each benefit. The sales increase while also establishing a regular network of customers. It gives an opportunity. And helps the person to become a supportive and well-informed seller. This process draws consumers attention to our goods and services.

All in all, it is an organic way to raise the sites ranking.

Come to think of it, creating a forum is very easy. The first task is to get a thread. It should be relevant and present in a reliable forum. The second step involves the creation of our profile on the forum. The profile is where we put in the URL of the site. In other words, it is the page we land on for the promotion of our site. Now, start including the contributions. The thread can start in numerous ways. Like we can explain the crisis, or we can also give away solutions to someone else problems. Topics that are comparatively new, undiscussed, anything comparatively discussion. Why do we do this? Because as we post our comments on the forum, our account details come up. This process makes people aware of the existence of our site.

How to start a forum posting?

Forum posting initiates a discussion with the other websites and emphasises on the efficiency of a particular website.

To start the forum posting a website needs to sign up and start posting the articles regarding the discussion.

It is advisable to check some forum posting sites before starting the forum discussion.

Here is a list of some of the forum posting sites in 2019. Which are popular as free forum posting sites 2019 –

  1. Yahoo
  2. Warrior Forum
  3. Google product Forum
  4. Digital point Forum
  5. Mylot
  6. Web hosting talk
  7. Stack overflow

Questions may arise, what are the advantages of forum posting in SEO.

Some advantages are –

  1. The website covers a wide range of topics easily. The forum’s topic varies; it covers a wide range.
  2. The website guesses the questions and the mind-set of the various target audience and evolves accordingly.
  3. It increases the topic of the website.
  4. The discussion initiated here by a successful post can turn into business opportunities.
  5. Forum posting is one of the techniques of SEO which helps to build the backlinks to the website.
  6. It uses the forum communities to create and build the inbound links.
  7. Probably forum posting is the quest method in building the backlink to the website.
  8. Forum posting also helps and supports deep linking. Doing this, in turn, helps to bring the higher SARP rankings.
  9. Forum posting is also a very good source of referral traffic.
  10. It also helps to bring the targeted traffic to the website. It drives the consumer towards your website.

Some instructions on Forum Posting are –

1. It is very important to choose a relevant Forum –

The post which we post on the forum should relate to the forum. Suppose a particular post is about some computer technology. Then the creator should prefer computer technology related forums. It is important to look beforehand. So that the posts you make bring forth the result that is of desire.

2. Next is the selection of a proper title – 

The title should be such so that it reflects the inner content of the post. If the title of the content is not interesting or unrelated, then it will take the reader away from the site. So it is also a very important point to take care of and choose the topic wisely.

3. Incorporate the Main crucial keywords –

Include the main keywords in the title. Also, pay attention that the keywords are present in the body of the content. Taking this little step is very helpful in bringing up the post. When a user searches using the same keywords in their search. The results for a particular query with the same keywords bring in front the site with the keywords.

4. It is important to form the guidelines –

Every forum consists of its process of registration and various guidelines. It is important to follow them up. Following the guidelines properly, can help to gain respect also it catches the attention of many focussed and serious readers.

5. The link should be put up –

All forums give an option of adding a signature and link at the end of the content. And this will again help in getting backlinks to the site.

How does the forum posting work?

Forum posting is very easy. One needs to pick up the relevant forum for the post, create a profile, follow up the mentioned thread and initiate active participation in the discussion. Thread is the topic that you post on the forum. Here several members from the forum share and exchange their knowledge and come up with the solutions to a specific problem.

Thread generally works in two ways –either one can follow a thread and continue providing expertise and knowledge. Or one can start their thread of the problems that most of the people, specifically visitors, are facing. But it is to make sure that the thread should be unique, it shouldn’t be the same topic discussed earlier in the forum. Before we begin to start with posting again, we should have quite a good knowledge about niche. Knowing about these things in detail can help one to get reputation easily. And this gives us, and it is an opportunity to become an authority in a relevant field.  Therefore gathering information on a niche is very important.

As we have been discussing since the beginning of this article, let us continue. Authenticity is very important. To maintain the authenticity of our work we do not copy the content. Because copying someone’s work is a case of plagiarism, this act of cheating is not allowed. One cannot just copy someone else’s work and post it on the forum. Doing so is disappointing and shameful. Most of the forum follows the same rule. There are provisions for punishments on cheating. The organisations take strict actions when someone posts other’s work in the forum. These actions will hamper the reputation of the business or the blog that one is handling. Even immediately, forum administrators will block the website.

Additional Info

Additionally, steps to promote the product is under check. The person posting on forums should remember not to direct market. Therefore avoid direct marketing because there is no approval for it in the forum posting. Rather providing the visitors with easy and quick solutions is helpful. Direct marketing is not suitable here, as the forum is a platform. Where people of the same field can discuss and share knowledge. So that other people’s problem gets a   solution. And they benefit from this situation.

Forum Posting in SEO is always a good choice to make. As inside the forum, you can build a connection with the other members. It will indicate that one is good at a specific niche. Therefore it helps to build a reputation.

What is forum posting in SEO? The subject is clear to us now. Though updating regularly and actively participating, is the major requirement of the field. If you want to hold the built reputation, some bloggers are found to use the forum once in a blue moon, which is not a correct approach. Also, the knowledge and information should be related to the queries, i.e. demands and needs of the questions, and this is incorrect marketing. Although regularly participating in the forum increases the traffic on the website. Once traffic increases, this will aware of the visitors about the site and they will continue to visit the site frequently. Also posting signature increases the backlink for one particular post. Thus the forum helps to bring that post in front of the search engine, so it is important.


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