For those of us who do not know what SEO means, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a method in which the user enables us to get a higher number of viewers to his page and also helps in strategising a way to get your blog or article on the top of the search list. What is interlinking in SEO? To answer this, suppose you are writing an article about nutrition how would you possibly pass on the message without losing the attention of your viewer?


Let us learn about what is Internal linking in SEO 2019

Before we begin, I would like to brief you about interlinking and SEO. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization the game is all about the web sites ranking on the google search list. We can think about it to be pretty easy in terms of providing good content to get a good rank. No, the rank does not rely solely on the content. There are various other factors into play. One of them is links. Ahead of the content ranking our site also needs links. The presence of links on the site is important because Google refers to it best for similar contents to have a link with each other.

That is when our posts and webpages have a connection with other websites. This connection helps the users fluidity of movement. Not only does it help the user but also determine the structure of our website to Google. The search engine uses this medium of keeping a check on internal linking SEO 2019 of the sites. And it gets the idea behind developing the site. Since Google is responsible for the hierarchy of the sites, it takes all the necessary steps to reach the decision.

Essential Factors for SEO

Setting up the rank list, Google permits us with the essential factors for SEO. These factors we are talking about are the pages and the posts that have great link value. The value of a link comes upon comparison with other links, present on various sites. Therefore if we want to boost the SEO of our page we must use the right interlinks. Interlinking is the process of providing links in your article or blogs, redirecting the user to another site.

WordPress is like a shortcut to the details on the sub-topic provided under your main topic. If you are looking to create a website without anyone’s help, it is the best medium to bring in use. Because of its efficiency in the creation of blogs and sites, it remains to be the most popular software. Anyone and everyone can build their blogs at no cost at all — this freedom being the biggest perk of using WordPress to build sites and blogs. Speaking in terms of technology WordPress is a managing scheme that is open source. What it means is that everyone has permission to modify the software at no cost.

Well yes, you could insert pictures of fruits in your article, if your target audience were bored kids from 3rd grade. That wouldn’t do any great if your target audience were a matured group of adults. So, the best way is to develop interlinks in your article. Interlinks are the “matured kinda fancy” way to attract your audience towards wanting to read your content. This fact about interlinks answers the question, ”what is interlinking in SEO?”. 

The Internal Linking Strategy of 2019

The internal linking strategy of 2019 comes with various benefits and some of them being, that they allow the user to navigate through various sites. Meaning, the user while reading the blog or article, can click on the link that is present within the article or blog itself rather than having to take a dictionary or google the term later on.

 Firstly, this helps you since this increases the duration time of the user on the site, which means that now the user does not have to exit your site if they do not understand what we write because they can click on the link to understand the terms.

Secondly, providing interlinks in your blog or article helps you establish the architecture of your page. It makes your page look more informative and attractive to the eye of the user. Links in a blog are something that stands out and brings in life to the blog or article. For example, we all remember the science books we had in the 7th and 8th grades. They always covered up boring topics along with some colourful pictures so that they could have the attention of the children and help them understand what they wanted to convey.

How links actually help?

As mentioned above, in the same way, links help keep the user interested in reading. And finding out more and more about what you have written. Interlinks also help in creating a clear picture of what we want to convey. Sometimes strategising topic could contain various terms and phrases that a user would not understand. Or end up getting them to lose interest. That is why with the help of links, we could direct them to the page or site that explains only that particular term or phrase. This way they redirect while they are still having their interest locked on what your page has to offer. Interlinks could make your page look attractive and informative at the same time.

With every advantage comes its disadvantage. Like our elders have said, “too much of anything is not good”. Yes, it is applicable in the interlinking of SEO too. You wouldn’t want to have too many interlinks because having too many interlinks in your content would make a mess. Most importantly, while inserting interlinks in your blogs or article you should always keep in mind. You want to write an article and not compete with google.

Having the appropriate number of interlinks could do wonders while having interlinks extending the required number would look very unattractive and thereby creating a mess on your page. You must know that while having interlinks could get you traffic, having interlinks in abundance could also clear traffic off your page. When it comes to SEO internal linking, we have YOAST SEO internal linking. A software that helps you bring your articles and blogs to the highest SEO standards.

Picasa of SEO

To make things simple, this is the “Picasa of SEO” they provide you with the most appropriate tools that would help you develop your blog or article to the highest level of SEO standards. On installing YOAST on your device, they provide a wide range of keywords, since this being a game of keywords. Choosing the right and most appropriate keyword could be a task, but YOAST helps you choose the right keyword with a little bit of analysis and a little bit of thought. Keywords are the specific terms that a user enters while searching; now, the search engines look into the websites for those target words. And the websites that can provide the same words that the user is looking forget on the top of the list that the search engine gives at the end of any search.

Keyword research

Keyword research is a mechanism. That determines and analyses the terms and keywords the user enters worldwide. It is a process of defining or researching the terms and keywords that people search on the search engine. So that your content can display on the search engine response page, it is an on-page search engine optimisation technique. After learning about the keyword research, let us know how to do keyword research in 2019.

Once you have selected the right keyword, YOAST also provides you with the URL and helps in interlinking your page to another page. They help you choose the right phrase and provides you with a wide range of phrases to choose from all the above. They also help you analyse the readability of the phrases and keywords that you have selected. For achieving the highest level in SEO, we can also use the internals links provided by WordPress.

Now, WordPress is a free development site for the user who wants to build their website for blogging and posting various articles. I am sure using a bit of free stuff now and then has not harmed. WordPress helps you produce internal links of SEO standards and helps you insert them into your blogs or your articles. It works on a PHP base. WordPress works on an open-source and is flexible to use.  Various users all over the world use Internal links of WordPress.


Now that we have all the knowledge related to what is interlinking in SEO. To conclude, I would say that interlinking in SEO is very important as a part of the 2019 SEO strategy. Choosing the right keyword is the main and most important part of the process. If you are facing difficulties, with inserting internal links to your content, don’t worry. We have paid and free software that helps you with this specific problem. We have the YOAST SEO which is the Picasa of SEO, and then we have the WordPress. Internal linking helps you in various ways, and that is why it is a must in today’s world

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