What is Social Bookmarking in SEO?

How to do Social Bookmarking in SEO? What Social Bookmarking in SEO is all about?

The very first social bookmark came into existence in April of 1996. From there on, there has been no stopping for social bookmarking.

The question is, What is Social Bookmarking in SEO?

An online web service, social bookmarking, is a method that provides us with the option to create website bookmarks. Also, through this technique, we can publicly share website bookmarks with those people who are part of a certain community. For this purpose, we need to tag the web page using web-based tools. Also performing this action is required so that it remains accessible for future works. And this website is retrievable whenever and where ever we want to access them from, online. This manner works because it is not our personal computers or web browsers we are using to save the data, but it is the web. A universal medium is put to work here, making the bookmarks go online. This process of social bookmarking becomes possible because the website is easily accessible to us. The access to the website restricts us to the availability of internet connection only. Once we have an internet connection we can easily share it with our friends, family, in other words, people of a community circle.

To sum up, the information we shared above, Social bookmarking is an Off-page SEO technique. Using this, the user bookmarks his/her website/webpage on another website with a high DA to create a backlink for his/her website.


Several links that one list on a network, whoever has access to the network can search for the links. This listing of links on the network entails that the sharing of links is not bound to a single person. But anyone who has the admittance on the online webspace. And is part of the circle can look for the links that are shared. It happens in the order that the link that contains keywords that the person is searching for say a person searches “What is Social Bookmarking in SEO?” Each link has three keywords when you search for those keywords link comes up. It is all about keywords when the search matches the required keyword the results pop up for us. Therefore, the necessary task is to go for the right keywords. If we want to get the desired results this is what we need to do.

It is like a personal bookmark. Not only can we save the websites we want to save. But also share them with our friends. Additionally, we can also look at what other people find interesting and tag them in. This process of bookmarking helps make our life a little easy. We no longer need to remember the sites in order to use them later on. All we require is to bookmark them and come back to the bookmarks afterwards.

As social bookmarking tools are accessible on the web, this means the user can save a new bookmark using a device and has access to it in another device too by just logging in.

How does social bookmarking help businesses?

To know and understand the social bookmarking definition, it is necessary to know how it helps the businesses.

  • Draws new visitors – It helps in driving a lot of visitors in the form of viral traffic. People end up at a website when they searched for something, and the website link appeared with the help of social bookmarking.
  • Connecting one business with another – Social bookmarking helps two businesses to find each other and connect.
  • Building relevant incoming links – It helps a business by showing the link of the business when a user searches particular keywords that were in connection to the link.
  • Easier to show on SERPs – If the business is on any bookmarking site, there’s a good probability that search engines might list results from there.
  • Draws new clients and customers – Of all the visitors on the site, some become customers too, which beneficial for businesses.
  • Helps to attract traffic – By adding social bookmarking buttons to your website, it gets easy for readers or viewers to save and share the leading to an increase in traffic.
  • Helps in promotion – When the business is on the bookmarking site, then the chances are of it getting tagged on other websites. Bookmarking is a great way of promotion and building links.
  • Google crawls the site faster – Web crawlers and spiders search bookmarking sites almost continually so, the link will be available to everyone very soon.

Cons of Social Bookmarking

Like all other mediums of web services even though social bookmarking is very useful, it does have some cons. We can not overlook the drawbacks that social bookmarking has. And therefore we need to deal with it. Knowing about the disadvantages of service becomes of assistance for knowledge is power. Therefore let us look into a few of the cons that we should discuss:

Social bookmarking takes authenticity from organically earning links. To solve the problem with good and organic content, these become robots.

We spend a lot of time on bookmarking. Therefore lesser time can be spent on the content, whereas the content should be the hero. Time should be taken out to meet people about those; there is a mention in the articles.

When linked to a social bookmarking site, the traffic may increase, but social engagement will reduce.

Managing multiple channels, creating authentic content and outreaching takes time. It is a burden on each person doing the work. To build links quickly, SEOs must collaborate with the content team.

Another issue that arises is a little algorithm with the name Penguin. The more low quality, non-relevant links you generate the more problems will be there. The issue lies in the generation of below the average, irrelevant links. Links from social bookmarking sites are low on the totem pole. As a result, they have low engagement, low conversion rates, and search engines do not like them. Therefore it is best to avoid committing such mistakes if we want better results.

Social News VS Social Bookmarking

Social news sites are different from social bookmarking sites in several ways. As the focus is on special articles and not anything random. Articles that we want to share with the public, rather than web pages, for things other than news on a more personalised level. Social news sites offer engagements in such discussions by having the comment option. Whereas social bookmarking sites use for making a collection of own web pages to come back later.

Top Social Bookmarking sites with high da

Below is the list of social bookmarking sites 2019. They are also ranked top in 1000 social bookmarking sites list. A way to delicious social bookmarking.

  • Facebook – It is no secret Facebook is the most popular social bookmarking site. It is the top traffic driving for most sites.
  • Twitter – Twitter is not far behind Facebook. If any business wants to be popular, it has got to be active on twitter. Just sharing the content is not enough; interacting with customers is possible on twitter and businesses that are using this feature surely benefit a lot.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest is one very important source of traffic for many bloggers. People consider it one of the top search engines, along with being a social platform.
  • Reddit – It is the ‘front page of the internet’. Users submit links to content and other users either upvote or downvote these submitted links. Reddit helps generate a lot of bookmarks, and hence Reddit social bookmarking is one of a popular social bookmarking.
  • Scoop– It functions to share content. The traffic from scoop.it is very engaging, unlike other social bookmarking sites.
  • GrowthHackers – If the content on the business site is about growth and marketing, then GrowthHackers can be very effective in making the site very popular and also enhance the overall branding of the site.
  • StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon is a very famous bookmarking site. It also gives the option of adding extra details, such as the type of content and its subject. It allows users to search for their interests and show relevant results.
  • Digg–Digg is very famous, and users generally refer as Digg Social Bookmarking. Digg can be a great source of useful content, and it also organises when the profile is maintained. Editors curate the front page.
  • We Heart It – Earlier it used to be just about visuals, but now it allows us to share articles too. Users can submit articles too, and a lot of traffic derives.
  • Slashdot – The news stories the users submit with appropriate links Slashdot runs them to derive traffic.

A tip while bookmarking

Do not forget to bookmark your posts on bookmarking sites. It will help in getting target traffic to your site whenever one searches “What is social bookmarking in SEO”, or “how it works”, or “top bookmarking sites.”

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